Call Hire-Me Plumbing, Inc.

Call Hire-Me Plumbing, Inc.

For Drain Cleaning, Clogged Drain Repair & Leak Detection in the Lakewood and Long Beach, CA area

When it comes to cleaning, most people think about the floors, counters and closets. Do you give much consideration to your drains? Regular drain cleaning will keep water flowing freely and help prevent clogs.

Hire-Me Plumbing, Inc. offers drain cleaning services, including:
  • Drain replacements
  • Drain repairs
  • Clogged drain clearing
  • Drain rootering
  • Video inspections

What starts out as a slow drain can develop into a large problem that affects your entire home. Call 562-925-4046 today to schedule a free estimate on drain cleaning services in Lakewood and Long Beach, CA.

Prevent bigger problems by keeping your pipes clear

Preventing serious clogs can eliminate the worry of having your pipes back up. Having your drains cleaned is an inexpensive service that ensures waste water will flow away from your home or office.

Take a moment to contact Hire-Me Plumbing, Inc. today for drain cleaning from Lakewood, CA.